Mid Atlantic Packards
Serving the Packard Community since 1966

About Mid-Atlantic Packards

Founded in 1966, Mid-Atlantic Packards was the first Packard Club region located east of the Mississippi River.  As one of the Packard Clubs larger regions, Mid-Atlantic Packards has played a prominent role in the Packard world.  Our membership roll includes nationally recognized technical and historical experts.  Many of the founding members of neighboring PAC regions (including Keystone Packards, Packards Virginia and Allegheny Packards) are or were originally members of the Mid-Atlantic Packards. 
A very active region, MAP publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, schedules events 10 months of the year and pursues an aggressive projects program.  In partnership with Packards Virginia, Mid-Atlantic Packards sponsors the annual All-Packard Indoor Swap Meet in Frederick, Maryland, the biggest event of its kind in the South or East. 
In addition, MAP has always been in the forefront in being alert to legislative activities regarding the old car hobby, and lobbies legislators regarding the hobby's best interest.

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